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The Channel Panel 2018 Streaming & Downloadable Video

The Channel Panel 2018 - Integrating Light & Shadow -
18 incredible Channelers bring in the new year as we say goodbye to the ever intense year of 2018 and talk about the topic of "Integrating Light and Shadow."

Channeling with us this year are the co-creators of The Channel Panel, "The ET Whisperer" Rob Gauthier and "The Arcturian Starseed" Kalina Angell. Guest Channelers also channeling this year are: Shaun Swanson, Daniel Scranton, Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz, Jim Charles, Shelley Young, Susie Beiler, Lola Singer, "Kelli in the Raw" Kelli Coffee, "Psychic Bob" Bob Hickman, Jeff Fasano, Gita Rose, Daniel James, Karen Neumann, Robbie Mackenzie, Jessie Starr, and Brad Johnson.

Welcome to The Channel Panel 2018 streaming & downloadable video Purchase ! We will upload in the best possible quality copy of this video as we process it. This version now ( Jan 2019) is the same quality as the free streaming video. As we work on cleaning up the audio and encoding it in a higher resolution. As we update the newer video & audio, you will receive that automatically in the same link and password you have here.  As we state in the beginning of the video, all of the channelers use their own recording equipment, so all of the audio and video qualities are different. When we upload the newer version in higher quality, with the presenters who had HD cameras, you will get the most out of it.

Ther downladable video will be a larger size of 3.38 GB as a mp4 format and a 720P qaulity.

We will auto-generate a special sign in password for each person. You will receive a PDF file in this purchase that gives you the sign in page link and your personal password.  Please keep this password so that you will be able to sign into the Channel Panel website page where your streaming video will be available. If you do lose it no worries, you can always contact customer service to re-download this PDF file !

Length 7Hours 14Mins 38sec

2018 Streaming & Downloadable Video 

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