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Jessie Starr

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Empathic/Intuitive Psychic Healer, Energetic Artisan, Musician, Singer/Song Writer, Intuitive Artist Teacher/Learner, Channel/Medium & Minister

Founder & Owner o f Healing Pathwalkers

I have often been called a Healer of Healers.  If you have found your way to me, it's through Divine Will. You are ready to take your life to the next level and beyond. One of my strongest gifts is helping those here to be on the Service Path. My energy, through exposure, teachings and sessions, will help you by upgrading your frequency, deepening and expanding the consciousness work you are already doing while refining YOUR practice, and Your Service work.  


My passion is guiding you through finding your highest manifestable self, Guides, other consciousnesses to help you hear your guidance!  In that role, I also serve as a medium, a channel, an oracle, a healer, a lightworker, a minister, a re-motherer, a mirror & projector, a builder, shaper and creator, a being devoted to a life of service, and the Divine Feminine fully embodying her priestesshood.  These are just a few of the descriptions that can fit me, my work and my energy, but certainly can't encompass me.  I look forward to witnessing you even more deeply! 

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Check out Some of Jessie's Channelings from Her Popular Youtube Channel!
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