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Lola Singer

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Lola Singer is an intuitive artist and sound energy healer whose most natural ability to channel energy is by singing and speaking in light language.  Light language is is the gift of being able to tune into frequencies from higher dimensional realms (some say “angelic realms”) and to transfer those frequencies to earth through songs, tones, or written symbols.  Lola’s Light Language songs and artwork contain energetic light codes that can be felt in the human body.  These light codes help shift frequencies in and around a person’s energy field to remove energetic blocks and to boost feelings of wellbeing for those who are open to receiving them.


Lola brings her artwork, jewelry, tarot cards, and a strong desire to help people empower themselves to metaphysical fairs throughout the greater Seattle region, including NW Psychic Fairs (various locations) and the Blue Moon Sprit Psychic Fair (Edmonds) in Washington State.


To view Lola Singer’s artwork and handmade jewelry, please visit her website at  You can also write to her at to learn more about the services she offers, including sound healing, Reiki treatments, and tarot readings.  

Some of Susie's Healing Products: 

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