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Jim Charles

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Jim Charles is an incredibly gifted channeler, as he's able to channel a plethora of entities as seen from viewers of Hucolo TV on Youtube, a branch of Human Colony, which he co-founded. 

Here’s a list of some of the entities that Jim channels, and common topics these entities speak of. Other entities may also be available to come through: 

  • Tekkrr : mothering spirit. human colony, alien encounter

  • Tepeh : medical

  • Pentim : human colony, day-to-day general human knowledge, alien encounter

  • Disdoo : scientific information

  • Lakesh : spiritual help, inter personal activities, alien encounter

  • Shell : a teacher; spiritual advise

  • Suun : mother earth related matters

  • Almatok : abstract information

  • Grindle : politics, very straight forward answer

  • Jesus : spiritual, emotional healing

  • Buddha : chakras, energy body

  • Confucius : practical and logical matters

  • Muhammad : spiritual

  • Martin Luther King : society, social issues

  • John Lennon

  • Spirit guides : your own spirit guides

  • Higher Selves : your own higher self

Check out Some of Jim's Channelings on Hucolo TV on Youtube!
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