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Bob Hickman

"Psychic Bob,"

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Psychic Bob has been working with Spirit for over 25 years. Since childhood, Bob Hickman, a.k.a., "Psychic Bob" has had a natural connection with the Spirit World. His early years as a psychic were spent helping people who had haunted houses. In his 20's, he joined the Spiritualist movement and was trained under various mediums of the Church of Two Worlds (National Spiritualist Association of Churches), where he worked for several years as a resident medium providing a connection with the world of Spirit for church attendees through platform readings and séances and became a professional medium.

Over the past 25 years he has helped countless thousands with his psychic readings and spiritual advice. Bob is fond of saying, "We are all on a soul journey, and so we must view each other with compassion." He loves to travel, teach classes, and seek out paranormal adventures, many of which are told in his various books. When not travelling and doing readings he loves to write, paint, and explore the mysteries of Wicca. 

Bob has over 20 years of professional experience in doing psychic readings. On any given day he might be reading for anyone from your next door neighbor to a head of state. Over the past 15 years he has volunteered his services as a consultant for law enforcement with an emphasis on helping find missing persons. Over the last 12 years Bob branched out to build a successful psychic consulting practice in Alexandria, Virginia where he works full-time as a psychic medium. Bob loves to write and is the author of several books which can be found at Lulu Press.

Check out Some of Psychic Bob's Channelings from his Popular Youtube Channel!

Psychic Bob's Books: 

When Worlds Unite
Messages From Rose
Psychic Bob's Book of Wiccan Wisdom
Ouija Mysteries - The Spirit Board S
Psychic Bob's Book of Spells
October 8th & 9th, 2016 The Channel Panel ~ Emerging Beyond the Unknown

Thanks Bob for joining us for our 2016 Channel Panel!

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