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Rob Gauthier, "The ET Whisperer"

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Rob Gauthier is a Channeler, Channel Panel Co-founder, Enlightenment Evolution Network Co-founder, Radio Host, and Metaphysical Teacher.

Rob's Self-Introduction to His work :

I was born in 1980. In 2007 I went to a spiritualism church. I went there because I decided to get my life back on track. I was looking into the dark for too long. Now I went there because this was the only place in the area that I could express my beliefs openly and meditate and be taught by many great psychics.

 As a child I was blessed with psychic abilities but as I digressed so did they. As I started learning from the great psychics in my area I learned many things. Including many experiences that I had as a child which were not figments of "just my imagination." And when I had thought I met my grandmother for the first time when I was nine, after she had been dead for over twenty years, I was right. This all started making sense to me. Something made me continue. So I continued to learn more meditations (Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience) and after a couple years of working with my abilities every day, and really being dedicated about them, I met Treb Bor yit-NE. 

I remember the first night I met him. I met him one night as I had a very usual night of feeling so disconnected from everything. I had been working on myself so hard and I looked at the night sky and knew that there is so much out there. I felt like I was in a prison (a great and beautiful one) on Earth. I just felt so much more should be felt. So I went into a deep meditation. That night I went further into my consciousness than I had ever gone before. I knew I had gone beyond the level of just going out of the body.

I met him! [TReb Bor yit-Ne] And as he stood before me, the empty feeling I had before meditating, and the otherwise worried feeling I should had while seeing this huge odd looking alien, vanished. All I felt was love and happiness. I asked him who he was and he started, talking to me. He explained that reality wasn't how I saw it and that there is so much more to the universe. He also told me that I can take my newly found meditation ability and use it to permanently remove that loneliness. I did feel so alone. He also told me there was so much more evolution in not just the physical ideas, meaning that of the soul. I asked him about many things like the after life and his people. After he answered me, and we met for the third time, I asked him, "What can I do to know if you are real, or a part of my mind?" He replied, "Talk to this individual," (a friend of mine). I didn't know why. My friend had no knowledge of anything [regarding such topics of metaphysical experiences], I mean I know if he did, I would have heard. So I did, and he led me to a video, that led me to a book called "Seth Speaks, the Eternal Validity of the Soul" by Jane Roberts. I cried that day. The reason? ...even though it's greatly seen as very different views, all the information was so much alike; they were similar in very many  ways. And then I figured I had my answer (also through many other synchronicities I would need a book to write them all).


Since then, I have built a relationship of trust and respect with this brother of space. Now I feel it is my duty to share the information Treb, Aridif and all other entities I channel are willing to impart to our humanity. Information that saved me, sparing a lot of unnecessary psychological and physical suffering and delusions which I would definitely have gone through otherwise. I wish you all the same, a life fully lived with love and light (as Treb says), and that is how I wish to serve in my humble way too as I allow myself to be the host, the intermediary between him and us. Through our journey I have been privy to new communications between more entities such as Aridif, and Ancient PleiadianMetatron, and many many more (such as in the book "Galactic Humans", a book about 12 races of humaniods in the galaxy) This newly found connection has brought so many more perceptions into the realm of my awareness. I am now known as "The ET Whisperer" because I have now channeled well over 200 entities, mainly Extradimensional Extraterrestrials, followed by Archangels, Hybrid children, others' Higher Selves, ancient humans such as the KunKei , future probable humans, the Nihal, and more.

Check out Some of Rob's Channelings from his Popular Youtube Channel!

Rob Gauthier's Books: 

Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans
Extraterrestrial Life - Galactic Hum
Plee-Na-Ki and The Plenatalaka - Ple
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