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October 8th & 9th, 2016 The Channel Panel ~ Emerging Beyond the Unknown

Serge Grandbois

After doing trance work in a manner similar to Edgar Caye for a few years back in the early ’80’s, Serge

began to experience something completely outside his references. Something that today is quite common

in the channeling world: spontaneous trance.

After concluding that this phenomenon was more practical on all levels, Serge decided he would prefer to continue

exploring this new adventure and has since stayed the course. Eventually, the Energy Personality Gestalt now known as Kris began to interact with people through Serge and thus a deep bond was formed. It was many years later that Kris explained that it had always been his Energies that had interacted through Serge, but because Serge had no experience or references other than Edgar Cayce and others who channelled in a similar manner, Serge had to be gently introduced to and made comfortable with this new development, so Kris had simply coached from a loving perspective till that day when Serge would run with it in comfort.

It was shortly after this that Serge encountered the book titled “Seth Speaks”, which was  a great source of inspiration to him. Not just for the information that Seth, speaking through Jane Roberts was providing, but in particular for the experiences Jane herself had undergone and was sharing. Serge was getting to understand his own experiences as a result of what Jane had gone through, and Serge now knew he was not alone, nor had he lost his marbles. Serge was getting guidance from Jane in this way.

In mid-1984 Serge finally decided he would write to Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts in Elmira. NY, USA. Since Serge lived in Ottawa, Ontario Canada at the time, he had asked in the letter if he could visit Jane and Rob, since it was only about a 6 hour drive. By the time a reply came in the mail, Rob had written that unfortunately Jane had just passed away. Still Serge began a correspondence with Rob Butts that continued till shortly before Rob’s passing as well. There were also several visits to Rob, many letters and a good friendship that to this day still influences Serge in a most positive fashion.


Since his appearance on the scene, Kris has gently, compassionately and lovingly guided many people into discovering their own potentials, coaching them into using their own innate Reality Creation tools and resources.

For nearly 35 years, Kris has produced much material, most of which has been transcribed. On our old website Kris’ material had been nearly all made available, and it will again make it ways in this website.

Kris has demonstrated on numerous occasions an ability to take complex subject matters and present it in a way that makes sense to the rational-intellectual perspective, as well as the intuitive-emotional side of our personalities. This in addition to Kris being a most personable and friendly, gentle Being. He can also wax poetical in such a way as to inspire deep knowing that transcends our physical limitations, opening doors to higher understandings out the nature of reality and the Self, profoundly enriching the listeners’ experiences and life.

Check out Some of Serge's Channelings on Youtube!

Serge Grandbois' Books: 

Kris Chronicles: Search for Identity
A Field Guide to Dreams
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Thank you Serge, for channeling at the 2016 Channel Panel! 

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