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The Channel Panel 2017 Video and Audio Now 50% Off!

We're having a 50% off sale on the original price of The Channel Panel 2017 Video and Audio! Choose between audio only or video streaming. (Audio only is also included as a free gift with the video purchase option) The audio only option includes an intro and all the channelings. The video includes footage and extra features beyond the audio only option. Audio option is downloadable only. Video is streaming and once you make a video purchase, you will receive a PDF file with your own permanent personal link and password to sign in and enjoy anytime you desire. You can visit your video page as frequently as you want.  Due to popular demand for download video options, we will be adding video download options in the near future. All videos you previously purchased will be available to you upon request free of charge. ;-) Tech Notes: The video is 1080p HD quality streaming, and the audio is 256 kbps MP3 format. The video file is 50GB as of now so it could keep its quality. Thank you all again for your love and support of The Channel Panel - The Worlds Largest ALL CHANNELER event! 

2016 & 2017 Video Holiday Special 

2017 Video 

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