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Kelli Coffee,"Kelli in the Raw"

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Dr. Kelli Coffee a.k.a. "Kelli in the Raw" is one of today's most recognized psychic-mediums with

channeling abilities. She's been featured in a multitude of radio and TV show interviews, and she is a

mega-hit Youtube Star-vlogger, where she speaks on a plethora of subjects ranging  from spirituality,

psychic development (she teaches psychic development courses), hair styling, alien implant removal,

crystal energy, raw cooking (professional chef style!), chakra implants, multidimensional healing, and the list goes on.

"I vlog about being psychic, the paranormal, health, cooking, nutrition, clothes, makeup, hair, supplements,

relationships, and anything else I can think of to support you in becoming your ultimate best," says Kelli.

Kelli brings in a fresh perspective regarding that is self-empowering, for even as we have guides, spirits, angels and ETs surrounding us, our freewill and  sovereign  connection with our Higher Selves unifies us directly with our inner wisdom and Source. Kelli is especially known for being able to assist those who are truly ready to psychically develop in a rapid pace unique to other psychic teachings and courses.

Check out Some of Kelli's Psychic/Medium/Channeling Vlogs from Her Popular Youtube Channel!
October 8th & 9th, 2016 The Channel Panel ~ Emerging Beyond the Unknown

Thank you Kelli for joining us at The 2016 Channel Panel! 

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