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Rob Gauthier & Kalina Angell

The idea for The Channel Panel came one night in 2013 when we were imagining how powerful it would be if a large group of Channelers gathered in the same space to channel various guides and entities with a participating audience. The idea was so alluring and intense that we could feel the air pulse with excitement from many multidimensional beings. What a beautiful co-creation this would be! It was from this inspiration and excitement that we birthed our first child togethe - The Channel Panel. The moment was so instantaneous and magical that both of us have separate recollections of naming it that night.
Since that time we have been honored to host some of the most well respected channelers and healers on the planet as part of our mission to help bring wisdom, guidance, healing, and inspiration to millions of spiritual seekers and lightworkers all across the planet. It has also allowed us to meet so many wonderful souls from all walks of life as we work to expand a community of light.

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