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About the Channel Panel

 Channelers and Co-Creators of The Channel Panel
               Kalina Angell and Rob Gauthier

What is The Channel Panel?

The Channel Panel is an annual all-channeling event that takes place each year either as a live event and/or online with some of the greatest well-known Channelers around the world.

The Creation of The Channel Panel And Past Events

One night in 2013, Rob and I (Kalina) were imagining how powerful it would be if a large group of Channelers gathered in the same space to channel various guides and entities with a participating audience. The idea was so alluring and intense that we could feel the air pulse with excitement from many multidimensional beings. What a beautiful co-creation this would be! Thus, Rob and I birthed our first child together….The Channel Panel. The moment was so instantaneous and magical that both of us have separate recollections of naming it that night. We held our first event in 2014 online with a small group of very well known Channelers: Nora Herold, Rob Gauthier, Daniel Scranton and Brad Johnson.


In 2014 we held our first ever Channel Panel event online featuring 2 well-renowned channelers, Nora Herod, Rob Gauthier, Brad Johnson and Daniel Scranton. 

In 2015, we held our first ever LIVE event, The Channel Panel ~”Awakening From Within”  in Los Angeles at the LAX Holiday Inn with 8 world renowned Channelers: Lee Harris, Wendy Kennedy, Shaun Swanson, Shelley Young, Daniel Scranton, Brad Johnson, Nora Herold, and Rob Gauthier Our 2015 event also live-streamed worldwide. Two film crews were on site to film the entire event.  













One of the 2015 Channel Panel Event Posters

In 2016, we held an online only Channel Panel event featuring 14 very well known channelers including:

Kelli in the Raw (Kelli Coffee), John Cali, Rob Gauthier, Krista Raisa, Shaun Swanson, Courtney Amundson, Susie Beiler, Daniel Scranton, Brad Johnson, Anrita Melchizedek, Micheila Sheldan,  Psychic Bob (Bob Hickman), Serge Grandbois and Jim Charles.















The 2016 Channel Panel Event Poster

This Year's Line-Up! December 30th, 2017 at the Colony Theatre in Burbank, California. 

The Channel Panel explores its most exciting theme yet with an incredible 9+hour line-up of some of the world’s most renowned Channelers! Join us as we explore the theme,"The Big Bang Query" via the perspectives from each Channelers' higher dimensional guides that they'll be channeling. (Most guides this year are from benevolent extraterrestrial origins.) As we all know, humans have long pondered not only the meaning of life, but where, who, or what sprang forth the experience of life? Who or what is this intelligent force? Is it a perpetual mystery even to our star friends and angelic sources, or is there something more that they can share in the origin story, if there is an origin at all? When we talk about the intelligent creator energy, or whatever it may be, what is the meaning of it all? Who is this energy, and who are we in relation to this energy? Where are we heading and why? This year we're digging deeply, deeper than we've ever before. While our guides may not have all the answers as fellow souls journeying alongside our spiritual evolutionary paths, they are our elder and wiser brothers, sisters and non-genders who are ready and willing to impart their wisdom and knowledge with all the love in their hearts to us, who they love ever so much! 9+hours of intense, never before discussed information! *There will be an hour break for lunch and 15 min between channelers. It is possible that this event will sell out pre-sale tickets. Please check our website on the day of the event to make sure our at-the-door-tickets are not already sold out.

The 2017 Channel Panel Event Poster



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