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2025 Channel Panel Workshops

We are delighted to offer workshops presenting some of the most cutting information and techniques for spiritual growth, healing, and empowerment. This is an opportunity to work directly with our presenters during these specialized two hour workshops. Space is limited so please register early!

NOTE: The Workshops Are In Person Only. Not Streamed Online


Darryl Anka

The Unified Theory of Metaphysics

Darry teaches a practical guide to metaphysical experiences and how they’re all connected from his decades of working with Bashar. 

Rob Gauthier

Learn to Channel

This course brings together the powerful techniques that Rob Gauthier has utilized to become one of the premier trance channels in the world. While Rob has taught aspects of these techniques to thousands of individuals during previous channeling courses, Learn to Channel presents these techniques in a progression of exercises you can practice and build upon to open and perfect your own personal channel.


Wendy Kennedy


Reactivate your Connection to Divine Wisdom


Jamye Price

Infinite Heartmind

As you move through Ascension your biomechanism adjusts to support the upgrade. This is natural to you, yet you enhance these changes with your action and understanding.

As you understand the changes, you more easily adjust to receive the upgrades. Action is then inspired from greater connection and wholeness.

Join Jamye for activation and expansion of your Infinite HeartMind with Crystalline Soul Healing and Light Language.


Lyssa Royal Holt


The Quantum Contact Experience

Sasha (a Pleiadian) and Hamón (a Sirian) channeled through Lyssa will present a bigger-picture view of how they see the contact experience and why opening to contact is such an important part of a planet’s path of awakening. The connection between contact and consciousness will be explored deeply, as well as an introduction to different kinds of contact frequencies and how they may be experienced.
The workshop will conclude with a powerful contact experience that will guide the group to connect with a variety of contact frequencies so they can learn firsthand about the vast contact landscape and its connection to the evolution of consciousness.

Daniel Scranton

Channeling Class for All Levels

In this Channeling Class for All Levels, Daniel will teach you everything he has come to know about channeling, including many ways in which you can enhance the likelihood that you will connect and channel your spirit guides and other higher-dimensional beings of light and love. Daniel will teach you how to ensure you are in fact channeling higher-dimensional beings/collectives and not lower-vibrational entities or thought forms.


There will also be two channeling processes/exercises/meditations given during the class, which have been designed to get you to meet your guides, write for them, tone for them, and/or ultimately speak for them. 

Daniel_brand New-high res.jpg

Shaun Swanson


ETs in the Room and Galactic Heart Wisdom Activations

This workshop will have Q&A with Ishuwa. It includes a Contact Realization Meditation wherein actual contact with our ET soul family will take place on the non-physical planes. There will also be a Galactic Heart Wisdom Activation session with Ishuwa guiding everyone in the room. These activations activate and strengthen communication with your heart wisdom that always guides you to create the most enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding life experiences. Together, the Contact Meditation and the Heart Wisdom Activations will connect you to more of your galactic soul family and increase your ability to travel in the heart wisdom universe so you can experience deepening levels of love, laughter and joy every day.

Kalina Angell



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