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Shaun Swanson

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Shaun is a channel for members of our galactic family including: Ishuwa of the Yahyel, Arvantis of the Arkoreuns, and Onkor of the Sassani. Shaun graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara, UCSB. Since 1996, Shaun provides channeling sessions that are a form of consultation and counseling for people interested in spiritual growth, self-empowerment, personal healing and deepening self-realization.

Shaun also offers channeling sessions for people that want to talk with Ishuwa and get answers to questions about life, life on Earth, ET life, and connect with their galactic family and hybrid children.The experience of channeling is wonderfully enriching for Shaun. It connects him to ongoing interactions with a variety of human ETs and hybrid children that have origins in our galaxy and beyond. He experiences our ET family as being playful, highly intelligent, compassionate, curious, and delightfully fun. The information they share in group channeling events and in private channeling sessions is just one of many resources available today that can awaken us to more of the heartfelt connections that exist with our galactic family! Two excellent books about our galactic family that Shaun has co-authored are, "Avatars of the Phoenix Lights UFO" and "Feline Humans." Both of these books are available on (More book details here).  Shaun also teaches classes on topics such as: "The Four Laws of Creation," "Loves Playful Nature," "The Actual Nature of Existence," "Creation's Answer Key," "The Reality Creation Process," "Love Always Loves You," and "Our Heart's Infinite Ecstasies."

Check out Some of Shaun's Channelings from his Popular Youtube Channel!

Watch our 8+ hours 2015 Channel Panel for Free! 

Watch our 8+ hours 2015 Channel Panel for Free! 

Shaun's Books and DVD:

Avatars of the Phoenix Lights
Feline Humans
Tuning In Two, Spirit Channelers in America
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