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Susie Beiler

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Before I was given the diagnosis of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, I thought I was healthy. I thought I was eating right and my exercise routine was keeping me in good shape. I had aspirations of becoming an internationally known Pediatric Occupational Therapist. I was on the fast track to success! I couldn’t have been more wrong. I had to reach a breaking point before I was willing to look under the surface. CFS combined with a severe herniated disc plummeted me into exhaustion.

It was only then that I took personal responsibility for my health and sought out “alternative healing modalities”.

But, I was overwhelmed with conflicting health information and I didn’t know where to start. Even though my schooling in Occupational Therapy taught me to see my patients as a whole person (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual), I did not treat myself that way.

I needed perspective, help, and mentors. Step by step I began to find my way. I found teachers and healers to help me. I furthered my schooling with nutrition training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I invested deeply in high level mentorship.

I found my soul. I connected with my heart. I learned how to LISTEN to my heart’s desires and follow them. I recreated my life from the inside out, growing new roots, expanding to the heavens. I focused on raising my frequency for my ascension.

Today, I am vastly different from the over-achieving, confused, overwhelmed, exhausted twenty-something woman I was years ago. I have peeled away the layers of confusion, indoctrination, and oppression to reveal the Shining Star that I know myself to be today.

I am a MASTER at rebirthing myself, constantly releasing what no longer serves and receiving my new self. I am fulfilling my mission on this planet. Are you fulfilling your mission? Do you know what it is?

I can help you peel away your layers of pain and hurt to reveal your true essence and find freedom and happiness in your life. Your dream life of living your soul purpose is waiting for you and it is possible to live the way you’ve always wanted. Are you ready?

Check out Some of Susie's Channelings from her Popular Youtube Channel!

Some of Susie's Healing Products: 

EmPath to Integration
DidgeriDeep Sound Healing Meditation
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