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Join us for this year's FREE 24 HOUR SCREENING of

The Channel Panel (2018) Integrating Light and Shadow Dec. 29th!

2018 Channel Panel Poster.JPG

Join The Channel Panel this year for our first ever FREE online screening! 18 incredible Channelers bring in the new year as we say goodbye to the ever intense year of 2018 and talk about the topic of "Integrating Light and Shadow."

Channeling with us this year are the co-creators of The Channel Panel, "The ET Whisperer" Rob Gauthier and "The Arcturian Starseed" Kalina Angell. Guest Channelers also channeling this year are: Shaun Swanson, Daniel Scranton, Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz, Jim Charles, Shelley Young, Susie Beiler, Lola Singer, "Kelli in the Raw" Kelli Coffee, "Psychic Bob" Bob Hickman, Jeff Fasano, Gita Rose, Daniel James, Karen Neumann, Robbie Mackenzie, Jessie Starr, and Brad Johnson.

The free screening of The Channel Panel (2018) Integrating Light and Shadow begins December 29th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time at The Channel Panel's official Youtube site. Subscribe to The Channel Panel Youtube page receive the Premier updates! Please note that this event is pre-recorded, but not seen by previous viewers, so there will not be any questions taken by the Channelers this year. The Channel Panel will be available for 24 hours (2pm EST Dec 29th - 2pm EST Dec 30th) after which the recording will go on sale to help financially support our Channelers and upcoming Channel Panel events. This year we wanted to give freely to the Collective, so this is why there is a free 24 hour screening of The Channel Panel! Don't miss it!   

The Alternate free screening will begin at 9:00pm Eastern Time on The Official ET Whisperer Youtube Page will also screen for 24 hours (9pm EST Dec. 29 - 9pm EST Dec. 30th) 


More details are coming soon, so check back often and soon for updates and for the official Premier links on the homepage 

2017 & 2016 Video & Audio Combo Holiday Sale 


Channeler Review for Last Year's Channel Panel

Watch our 8+ hours 2015 Channel Panel for Free! 

Photos From Past Events

Rob Gauthier channeling Aridif
The very first 2014 Channel Panel!
Rob channeling Aridif
Rob Channeling TReb Bor yit-NE
2015 Channel Panel Channelers
The 2015 Channelers and Co-hosts
Shelley Young and Rob Gauthier
Alternate Poster 2015 Channel Panel
Channelers and Crew at Dinner
The posters around Los Angeles
The Channelers at 2015 Channel Panel
The Pleiadian Channelers!
Rob Gauthier at The Channel Panel
Rob Gauthier
Hosts Rob Gauthier and Kalina Angell
The Excited TReb via Rob!
Rob and Kalina 2015 Channel Panel
Sweet, smiling TReb
Last Year's 2015 Event Logo
Channel Panel 2016 Event Logo
Channel Panel Official Logo

What is The Channel Panel?

The Channel Panel is an annual all-channeling event that takes place each year either as a live event and/or online with some of the greatest well-known Channelers around the world.

The Creation of The Channel Panel And Past Events

One night in 2013, Rob and I (Kalina) were imagining how powerful it would be if a large group of Channelers gathered in the same space to channel various guides and entities with a participating audience. The idea was so alluring and intense that we could feel the air pulse with excitement from many multidimensional beings. What a beautiful co-creation this would be! Thus, Rob and I birthed our first child together….The Channel Panel. The moment was so instantaneous and magical that both of us have separate recollections of naming it that night. We held our first event in 2014 online with a small group of very well known Channelers: Nora Herold, Rob Gauthier, Daniel Scranton and Brad Johnson.


In 2014 we held our first ever Channel Panel event online featuring 2 well-renowned channelers, Nora Herod, Rob Gauthier, Brad Johnson and Daniel Scranton. 

In 2015, we held our first ever LIVE event, The Channel Panel ~”Awakening From Within”  in Los Angeles at the LAX Holiday Inn with 8 world renowned Channelers: Lee Harris, Wendy Kennedy, Shaun Swanson, Shelley Young, Daniel Scranton, Brad Johnson, Nora Herold, and Rob Gauthier Our 2015 event also live-streamed worldwide. Two film crews were on site to film the entire event.  


One of the 2015 Channel Panel Event Posters

In 2016, we held an online only Channel Panel event featuring 14 very well known channelers including:

Kelli in the Raw (Kelli Coffee), John Cali, Rob Gauthier, Krista Raisa, Shaun Swanson, Courtney Amundson, Susie Beiler, Daniel Scranton, Brad Johnson, Anrita Melchizedek, Micheila Sheldan,  Psychic Bob (Bob Hickman), Serge Grandbois and Jim Charles.




The 2016 Channel Panel Event Poster

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